Hunger & Homeless

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Struggling with Unemployment, Homelessness, and PTSD

380,000 veterans are unemployed, almost 50,000 are homeless on any given night, one in three who served in Iraq or Afghanistan suffers from PTSD or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or a combination of both. Our veterans served our country – whether here or abroad - committed to standing for us, for freedom and democracy. But that service cost many of them a lot. Whether they’re now dealing with unemployment, homelessness, PTSD, or TBI, so many of them are hurting and now we owe them. They need us. We must be committed to helping them recover. At SugarShopper, we want to help you help them. We support a variety of groups devoted to giving veterans a firm foundation for a full, successful life here at home after their military service.

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